Digitech Insights. 18 Jul 2022

5 Ways to Enhance your Diversity Hiring Process

While many companies may think they have a diverse hiring process, creating a truly diverse recruitment process can be a challenge for many companies. Unconscious bias and outdated practices can hinder your processes.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can enhance your diversity hiring process.

1. Audit your current hiring process

In order to measure and track the success of any new diverse hiring processes, you must first have a good insight into where you currently are. Conducting an audit can help you review your job adverts, which is where unconscious bias can unknowingly creep in.

Review the language used in your job ads to ensure they are as neutral as possible and do not unconsciously target one gender more than the other. You may also want to avoid too much corporate language to ensure you’re being inclusive of all backgrounds.

Another area of focus should be accessibility, are your ads formatted in a way that makes them easy to read? Your audit should also analyse your recruitment process, do you ask people if they have any access requirements before an interview? Consider if your interview board could be more diverse.

2. Work towards minimising unconscious bias

Unconscious bias can be difficult to spot and even harder to completely eradicate. Consider approaches you can take such as blind hiring to reduce bias in your recruitment process. Ensuring your HR and wider teams who are involved in the hiring process undergo internal unconscious bias training can help towards minimising any bias or pre-judgements coming into play.

3. Evaluate your employer brand

It’s important to remember that your company is under just as much judgement as candidates are during the hiring process. Evaluate your employer brand, and think about the content you put on your career site, within job adverts and on your social media channels. Ask whether it is diverse? Does it represent a range of backgrounds?

If your employer brand is not inclusive and diverse, you could be closing the door to talented candidates.

4. Utilise targeted job sites

LinkedIn groups and targeted job boards provide a unique way to advertise your vacancies to a more diverse talent pool. Whether you want to encourage women into tech or appeal to people from all backgrounds, targeted job sites can be a great way of enhancing diversity in your hiring process.

5. Set diversity targets

Another great way to measure your success in improving your diversity hiring process is to set targets of what you want to achieve. For example, you may want to increase the number of female employees in tech by 10% over the next two years. Having these clear goals can help you take the right steps toward ensuring your hiring process is more diverse.

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5 Ways to Enhance your Diversity Hiring Process