Market Insight. 19 Apr 2023

Attention all Gophers!

At DigiTech Resourcing, we're always keeping an eye on emerging trends in the tech industry, and one trend that we've noticed recently is the rising popularity of Golang. As recruiters, we've seen a significant increase in the number of job postings requiring experience with Golang over the past year, and we believe that this trend will continue.


While Golang has been around for a while, it's been gaining more traction as companies look for faster, more efficient coding solutions. Golang is a compiled language that's designed for performance and scalability, making it a popular choice for building networked services, servers, and APIs. Its simplicity, speed, and compatibility with popular DevOps tools also make it a great choice for building cloud-native applications.


The popularity of Golang is also reflected in its community support. Golang has a robust community of developers who are actively contributing to the language's development and ecosystem. This community provides support through forums, documentation, and open-source libraries, making it easier for developers to learn and use Golang.


From a recruitment standpoint, it's exciting to see the growth of Golang, as it opens up new opportunities for job seekers to diversify their skill sets and excite hirers. We've seen an increased demand for candidates with Golang experience, and we believe that this demand will continue to grow as more companies adopt Golang for their development needs.


At DigiTech Resourcing, we're always looking for candidates with the latest tech skills, and Golang is quickly becoming one of those must-know languages. We encourage software engineers, whether they're seasoned developers or just starting out, to keep Golang on their radar as it continues to rise in popularity.


In conclusion, Golang's performance, simplicity, scalability, community support, and compatibility with DevOps practices make it an attractive choice for many companies. As recruiters, we believe that Golang is a language that's worth considering for any software engineer looking to expand their skill set and stay ahead of the curve.


If you are a hiring manager looking for talent, or a Golang developer looking for work, please contact Russell Biggs at We look forward to hearing from you!

Attention all Gophers!