Digitech Insights. 18 Mar 2022

Can Sustainable Office Tech Enhance the Workplace?

As technology in our homes and workplaces becomes smarter and more adaptable, the impact of adopting these technologies can make a big impact on the workplace. From helping businesses to become greener to boosting productivity, sustainable office tech can play a significant role in enhancing the workplace.

Cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and the internet of things are already helping businesses to minimise their waste on stock, for example Tesco is using technology to help reduce their food waste.

Beyond stock control, sustainable tech can also help reduce energy consumption by redistributing air around the office rather than heating air that is already hot or cooling air that is already cold. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways offices are able to reduce their waste and enhance their workplace by utilising technology. 

Updating older tech

Technology changes quickly, and what was once cutting-edge just a few years ago has likely been replaced with a smarter, more environmentally friendly version. According to analyst’s the International Data Corporation (IDC), updating office technology can make a big impact on energy consumption and could reduce it by up to 30%. 

Another example is office printers. The latest models come with a host of waste saving features such as energy saving modes, reducing paper waste, optimising toner and ink consumption and they typically cost less to run than older models.

Alternatively some businesses are turning to managed print services, whereby all their printing needs are met by a third party supplier. This not only saves investment in tech but also reduces running costs and greatly reduces paper waste by ensuring nobody prints something multiple times or forgets to collect their prints.

Digital transformation driving sustainable practices

There is a good case for digital transformation driving more sustainable practices, such as the switch to cloud-based data centres . Transforming data centres from on-premise solutions to cloud-based ones can make a big impact on a business’s energy consumption and its overall productivity.

With increasing pressure being placed on data centres to become climate neutral by 2030, it is anticipated that data centres including those which are cloud-based will become more energy efficient and will look at ways to reuse waste energy as well as utilise renewable energy.

Going paperless can also have a big impact on the workplace, in the energy it uses as well as staff productivity. By educating staff on the benefits of going fully digital, your workplace could reduce paper, toner and energy waste and also become more organised, productive and secure in the process.

Digitisation also compliments remote working and collaboration, a trend we anticipate will continue to feature heavily in the new future of work. While it may be impossible to go entirely paperless, with some documents still needing to be printed, businesses should encourage double sided printing and ensure that their printers are set up with optimised toner settings to ensure ink, paper and toner are not wasted. 

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Can Sustainable Office Tech Enhance the Workplace?