Digitech Insights. 4 Apr 2022

Combat Climate Change and Deliver a Greener Future with Sustainable Tech

Climate change has been a big topic in the news lately, and net zero targets are making combating climate change a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes across all sectors. So, how can sustainable technologies help in the climate change fight and help companies deliver a greener world for future generations?

One of the biggest challenges is carbon management, knowing how much is being produced by processes, reporting on it, predicting emissions and how to set carbon emission targets.

The main sustainable technology that can help companies improve their carbon management and therefore become greener is Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Here are just 3 ways AIoT can help.

Measuring and reporting carbon emissions

Integration of AIoT enables companies to access real-time activity level data to evaluate different carbon producing assets. It can pull activity and asset level inventory data from multiple systems and databases to give accurate measurements.

Armed with this information, companies can structure, collect and transform this data into reports that can be used to inform decisions about their business and the ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Predictive analytics to forecast emissions

The insights gained from AIoT on carbon producing assets and levels can be used to accurately forecast future emissions. This not only gives companies a clearer picture of what their carbon emissions could look like in 6 months, 12 months and beyond, it also streamlines the process to reduce the time and cost involved.

As changes are made to the company's process with the aim to reduce their carbon footprint, they can forecast how these changes will impact their emissions and help them set targets.

Setting carbon emission targets

Speaking of targets, the levels of carbon emission data that AIoT can deliver can help companies set realistic targets. As with any target setting exercise, it is impossible to accurately set them without knowing and understanding the current position, implementing changes to improve it and having strategies in place to ensure they are successful as well as markers to determine progress.

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Combat Climate Change and Deliver a Greener Future with Sustainable Tech