Digitech Insights. 11 Apr 2022

Create a More Immersive Candidate Journey with Augmented Reality

As we recently discussed in our article, innovative technologies such as augmented reality, or AR as it is otherwise known, are now becoming more commonplace in a variety of industries. One of them being the recruitment industry.

So just how can recruitment agencies create more immersive candidate journey’s with augmented reality? Let’s take a look at some of the ways recruiters and hiring managers can improve the candidate journey with technology.

Show off the employer brand

Employer brand is just as important as the employer value proposition, candidates want to know more about what life at the company could look like, what the culture is like and if it is a good fit with their values.

Employers and recruiters often showcase the employer brand through brochures and videos, but the adoption of AR could help them create a more immersive candidate experience that enables candidates to experience life at the company first hand. Showing the employer brand through AR can engage talent in ways that are not possible to recreate with a brochure or a video.

Engage candidates while testing their skills

Testing candidate skills can be a necessary but typically mundane part of the recruitment process for candidates. Skills are often tested in very formal environments, but AR has the power to turn this upside down.

Using AR in this way can help attract candidates and enhance the candidate journey. Jaguar are a perfect example of a company who have adopted this strategy, they developed a mixed reality app to attract electronic and software engineering talent and test their skills through an AR game which tested candidate code-breaking skills.

Jaguar found that potential hires were more likely to apply for positions once engaging with the game, and it also gave Jaguar the opportunity to fast-track the candidates that performed well in the game.

Explore the working environment

Workplace culture and the working environment are becoming increasingly important to candidates. They want to know what to expect before they accept a position and AR can help showcase the working environment and allow candidates to explore it.

Strategies such as virtual workplace tours or being able to interact with key members of the team can help show what the workplace has to offer and help candidates see themselves working for the company.

Virtual work experience

While augmented reality cannot capture the full experience of working at a company, it can be used to create experiences that are close and give candidates more of an insight into what they will be doing and what a typical day may look like if they are successfully hired.

Integrating AR into the candidate experience will help them be more engaged and feel more connected to the company before joining it.

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Create a More Immersive Candidate Journey with Augmented Reality