Digitech Insights. 21 Feb 2022

How the Pandemic has Increased Demand for Cyber Security Skills

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the demand for cyber security skills has significantly increased. The acceleration of digital transformation combined with the shift to remote working brought on by the pandemic has left organisations with more complex infrastructures and increased risks from cyber threats.

Strengthening cyber defences and optimising response and remediation plans has become a top priority for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. In response to the increasing threat landscape and prevalence of cyber attacks, organisations are expanding their IT security teams to ensure they have a robust security posture. 

Top cyber security skills in demand in 2022 and beyond

The increase in security breaches during the pandemic has sparked a growing demand for a wide range of cyber security skills and hiring cyber security talent is at the core of organisations security strategies to ensure their defences are robust.

The top 5 skills organisation are expected to be looking for to ensure their cyber security strategies are effective in 2022 are:

  1. Information security (InfoSec): Organisations need the skills to protect data from unauthorised access and malicious actors These skills include authentication and authorisation, malware analysis, incident response, risk management and data recovery.
  2. Network security: As networks become more complex the threat of a breach becomes more likely. Organisations are looking for talent skilled in wireless network security, firewalls and IDS/IPSes, VPNs, remote access and endpoint security.
  3. Cloud security service: The growing reliance on the cloud means there will be a growing demand to ensure public and hybrid clouds are secure. Skills in this area include implementation of policies, procedures and controls and technologies designed to protect cloud-based systems, devices and infrastructure.
  4. Web security: With more employees working remotely and accessing office applications from their home internet and mobile devices, organisations will need to ensure their websites and web applications are protected from threats. In demand skills include network, application and OS security.
  5. Security architecture: New hybrid working models combining working from home and in the office will require stronger security defences. Skills that are high in demand will include knowledge of security hardware and software, analysis of organisational needs and threats, cyber security risk management and threat detection skills.

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How the Pandemic has Increased Demand for Cyber Security Skills