Digitech Insights. 20 Jun 2022

Latest Microsoft Teams Update Could be a Game Changer for Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations can be a nightmare, but an update to Microsoft Teams could soon change that and make it easier than ever to deliver the perfect virtual presentation.

Microsoft Teams is already a great collaboration platform, but the company has revealed that it was planning to introduce a new feature to its PowerPoint Live in-built presentation tool. Known as Cameo, the new integration is set to enhance the virtual presentation experience for both presenters and viewers.

The arrival of new features in Teams will help them stand out from other video conferencing, virtual presentation and collaboration platforms such as Zoom.

What is Microsoft Cameo for PowerPoint Live?

Cameo will allow presenters to integrate their webcam feed into their slide deck to create more engaging and polished online presentations.

Virtual presentations have become part of everyday life since the start of the pandemic, and with the remote working trend continuing to grow it will remain a widespread medium and primary tool for businesses across every sector.  

When will Microsoft Cameo for PowerPoint Live be released?

First announced by Microsoft back in Q3 2021 and previewed for members of the Office Insider program at the beginning of 2022, Teams users can expect Cameo to be released to all users by the end of August 2022.

Speaking about Cameo, Microsoft has said: “Cameo in PowerPoint enables you to seamlessly embed live camera feeds into your slides as part of your presentation. You can use this feature to create a more immersive experience for your audience. It can also help you be more prepared for your live presentation (such as presenting in Teams).”

Cameo will be available for both Windows and Mac users later this year and it's anticipated that its release could be a game changer for virtual presentations.

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Latest Microsoft Teams Update Could be a Game Changer for Virtual Presentations