Digitech Insights. 19 Apr 2022

What are the Most Sought After Tech Skills Within e-commerce?

While the rise of e-commerce was already evident pre-covid, the pandemic and change in people's shopping behaviours, albeit out of necessity at first, has certainly reshaped the retail sector.

Recognising this seismic shift, retailers are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives and many are making e-commerce and their online channels their primary focus. As with any growth in a particular stream of a sector, demand for the skills within those disciplines also increases and that is certainly true of e-commerce skills.

What tech skills are most sought after within e-commerce?  

Retailers looking to expand their e-commerce offerings, develop seamless customer experiences and maximise profits are searching for the best tech talent available on the market to expedite their growth and develop their online sales channels.

The tech skills that are most sought after include:

  • Software developers
  • UX designers
  • AI developers
  • Front end developers and designers
  • Full stack developers
  • Data analysts and business intelligence analysts

It is hardly surprising that we are seeing these trends, nor is the demand likely to slow down any time soon. While many retailers already had some form of online shop, some had no facilities to enable customers to shop online.

Factors that are driving retailers online

Without doubt the biggest factor that has seen retailers place e-commerce as a priority has been the global pandemic, but the shift was already happening, the pandemic merely accelerated it.

Since the rise of the internet, more and more consumers have preferred to buy online. Mainly because the convenience of online shopping and how it fits in with today’s busy lifestyles but also because the choice is often greater than in physical shops and the prices can often be lower too.

It has long been a popular opinion that the high street is dead, and that it cannot compete with the online retail giants such as Amazon. It’s true that over the last 10 years, the high street has become less busy and therefore has less to offer consumers as without footfall retailers are reluctant to open new stores.

The increase in remote working will further impact footfall in towns and cities, with less people working in offices there are less people shopping during their lunch breaks. Choosing instead to do their shopping online, and as the demand for physical shops continues to decline and the demand for e-commerce continues to grow, more and more retailers will place their focus on online sales.  

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What are the Most Sought After Tech Skills Within e-commerce?