. 21 Oct 2022

Why should you use a specialist recruiter?

Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove taxing for any business, particularly due to the current skills and talent shortage in tech. The process becomes even more challenging when you work within a niche industry or sector. In these situations, a specialist recruiter can help find the perfect candidate for a role that you find particularly hard to hire. 

There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking to find niche talent, and here's how to get the most out of them:

Niche Sector Expertise.

Deep sector expertise isn’t just about us knowing about the industry; we have valuable market intel in our pockets at all times. At a minimum, a recruitment consultant can hold their own in a conversation with a potential client about an open vacancy, but the better ones will have a detailed understanding of the market and be able to provide advice on how best to go about filling it in the current climate. How have we got this? We pre-screen candidates daily, our in-depth prescreening process means we get the most out of our conversations which will benefit both candidate and client.

This deep market knowledge will include knowing ‘who is who’, and where the best talent is located. We know the competition inside out, who is growing, and who is shrinking. We can also pull on our niche expertise to provide guidance on market trends such as salary expectations, desirable skill sets, new technologies and employee expectations within your sector. We don’t just find candidates, we help onboard and help you build the best package that will retain them.

Help with specific and hard-to-fill roles

Across the tech industry, teams have roles to fill with specific requirements and a small talent pool to recruit from. Roles with ‘essential to have’ skills which are rare in the market, are best placed with a specialist recruiter. Why? We can source talent with these unique skills from the relationships we have built over the years at Digitech by headhunting exceptional professionals. A feat that can sometimes prove difficult to do alone.

Cost savings

One of the most important benefits of hiring a specialist recruitment agency is lowering the costs involved in the recruitment process. The biggest savings come from not only avoiding the cost of a bad hire but cutting out time in the recruitment cycle completely and using in-house recruitment who may still lack the relationships needed to make specialist hires. Important resources within your company can be better spent elsewhere.

Avoid bad hires

Hiring the wrong candidate for a role can be expensive, and specialist recruiters will spend extra time and effort on ensuring a hire who is not only suitable for the role but a cultural fit who is passionate about developing a long-term career at your company. We are your best advocate, and we want it to work out just as much as you do. We are relationship driven, so initially impressing will further enhance role exposure.

How do we avoid a bad hire? Spending extra time ensuring the individual is pre-screened and meets all requirements. We consult on your job brief, benchmarking your salary offer to establish it as competitive. The cost of a bad hire can be even worse than employers first think, with demotivation and poor work performance often proving contagious; and high staff turnover lowering productivity and morale as a whole. Culture is huge; bringing someone who can negatively impact your culture can be detrimental.

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Why should you  use a specialist recruiter?