Rhys Hefford

Rhys Hefford



  • Tell me a bit about your own career trajectory and how you got to where you are today?

"I have only ever worked in high-growth businesses and mostly my own. I had a long history of working in recruitment until 2009, when I branched into management consultancy, setting up Channel 3 Consulting to capture the needs of NHS IT following the collapse of the National Project for IT. Digitech came next. I am now involved in a broader portfolio of businesses. Elliott Masters is a business incubator that helps nine different businesses and brands as part of one strong group to maintain their own identity but gain the benefits of scale, particularly within operational areas like HR, marketing and finance."


  • What made you want to set up Digitech?

"I could see that there was a digital transformation afoot, and that businesses were going to have to adapt or die.  For me, nowhere was this more prevalent than in the publishing industries – newspapers are still relevant of course, but the amount of content available online from large international newsgroups has been transformative alongside their changing customer experience, and we have been able to be at the forefront of sourcing talent in this space."

"I had also worked with Steve Goodman previously and wanted to opportunity to work with him again in industries where we could have genuine authority and expertise."


  • What do you think that Digitech does that sets it apart from other competitors?

"The team is absolutely committed to consistency of delivery and also working in the digital space. There is a strong ambition that comes from the top of the business that ensures a fast-paced environment, a strong work ethic and a desire to find the right talent, culturally and skills-wise, for our clients and to place the candidates in the business that’s also the best fit for them."


  • Give me an example of a really great project or outcome that Digitech has achieved?

"Given my role, it isn’t for me to pinpoint a single example. But what I will say is that the team has developed a real expertise in helping the fast-moving world of online publishing to modernise and future-proof their businesses.  Large, prestigious, multinational publishing houses use Digitech because they know that we understand the market, the pressures, the changes that are forthcoming and also, what the end-user wants and needs from the technology." 

"Online publishing has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, and the contribution that the team has made to finding the right people to improve and innovate in the online publishing space, is something to be proud of."


  • Tell me something interesting about yourself? 

"I have been lucky enough to grow three businesses to achieve a place on The Sunday Times Fasttrack 100 business league tables."