Sandeep Mangat

Sandeep Mangat

Head of Delivery


  • Tell me a bit about your own career trajectory and how you got to where you are today?

"I graduated from university with a mathematics degree and worked in telesales before going travelling around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The background in telesales felt like a natural fit to go on into recruitment."

"I started at Connect Group, working my way up quickly to be the service delivery team leader having been a top biller as a junior. I lead a team of junior consultants at Connect Group before being headhunted by Steve to join the Digitech team in Surrey, overseeing all of Digitech’s consultants and teams in the Surrey office. I am not into the "hard sell", I am interested in people and learning more about them, which helps in this role."

"My role is now both strategic, leading the team and making sure they deliver the best service in the most efficient way possible, but it is also operational as I am the lead consultant in our software delivery team. I have a long history of working in this area and I enjoy the variety, working with various candidates from graduates through to CTO-level and for clients on both permanent and contract hires."



  • What made you want to work at Digitech?

"Having worked with both Steve and Rhys at Connect Group, I understood them and the way that they worked: strong on delivery and pace. This was a big draw for me as this focus is a key part of our culture here."

"Digitech also works with a number of large, high-profile businesses and I have met a variety of clients and companies that were previously unknown to me."

"I enjoy being a part of a growing and successful business and having contributed to its success too. All of our directors have a vast amount of recruitment experience between them, and really strive for the highest standards, which encourages the team and keeps us all on our toes!"



  • What do you think Digitech does that sets it apart from its other competitors?

"Our internal team is down-to-earth, passionate and very knowledgeable about the technology sector. These skills and characteristics are transferred in our services to clients too."

"For example, I make sure that I am widely read on developments in the digital sector, with a particular focus on software as that’s my area of expertise. I keep up to date with sector trends, I make sure I research new people, new roles, new types of software. I attend a lot of external events and meet-ups and encourage my team to do the same, so they have broad, but deep, knowledge and experience of the sectors in which we work. The focus on quality of delivery through knowledge really sets us apart from other competitors."


  • Give me an example of a really great project/great outcome you have worked on

"We have worked with a large digital agency on a number of occasions. In spite of their introduction of an internal team of recruiters back in 2014 and using a very large recruitment agency, they remain a key client of ours and the feedback about our work, and the candidates we provide is consistently excellent."


  • Tell me something interesting about yourself...

"I suffer from vertigo, but I still managed to do a bungee jump and a skydive in New Zealand!"