Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman

Director, Divisional Manager


  • Tell me a bit about your own career trajectory and how you got to where you are today? 

“I started my working life as a sportsman. I played golf for Surrey County and was a professional for six years. When I left golf, I spent four years in sales before moving to recruitment where I still find myself 21 years later. I thrive in a competitive environment and I have always focused on good results but also longevity. I was a team leader at MSB (now Networkers) for five years. I then spent six years at DP Connect (IT recruitment) initially as a sales manager and then sales director and at Connect Group for four years as a sales director where I was responsible for the Surrey Office. It was also where I met Rhys Hefford, Sam Foulger and Sandeep Mangat. 

“I have been at Digitech since the very beginning and we have gone from strength to strength. 

“When I was offered the opportunity to become a director at Digitech, I took it because the idea of helping the next generation of digital businesses evolve by providing the best people, was (and has proved to be) a great prospect.”


  • What made you want to work at Digitech? 

“As I mentioned above, the idea of helping the next generation of digital businesses to evolve by providing the best people was a really exciting prospect to me.  

“The technical digital industries are a huge, exciting and growing area. But even as we move towards an ever-more digitally-focused world, getting the right people remains at the heart of any resourcing drive. People are the most important part of making a business work. 

“Having also previously worked closely with Rhys Hefford and others, we had a natural rapport and shared desire for success. I also saw an opportunity to take a relatively small company into a far bigger brand with a high profile and a great professional name in the sectors in which we now work.”


  • What do you think that Digitech does that sets it apart from other competitors? 

“In my extensive recruitment career I have always sought to build strong client relationships. I’ve done this by listening and understanding what the client wants, being there when needed, and delivering the right people – taking care of the candidates too.  

“It sounds simple, but trust and good relationships take time to build up and are often focused on face-to-face contact, picking up the phone, and attention to detail. These have been the foundations of my working life and they translate well to the Digitech team. The team understands a strong work ethic is the key to success and a commitment to deliver. But we also to make sure we have some fun whilst doing it and remunerate our people appropriately.”


  • Give me an example of a really great project/great outcome you worked on. 

“I am really proud of our work with the Daily Mail Group (DMGT). 

“DMGT is a large multinational business at the forefront of evolving technology, especially at the customer-end. It was working with approximately 50 different technology recruitment agencies but Digitech recently won a contract to oversee a managed service programme. This means we are DMGT’s number one supplier of tech talent and one of our team members is on-site, overseeing all the resourcing that is taking place.

“DMGT is a long-term client.  I have worked with them for approximately 12 years.”


  • Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. 

“Well, as I mentioned above, I am an ex-professional golfer. This does make me seriously competitive!”