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DevOps Engineer - Sysadmin - Docker - Terraform - AWS

Clapham Junction


£65,000 - £85,000 per annum



Do you care about doing automation the right way, building fully containerised environments, and integrating orchestration frameworks? We are looking for people who can help us solve unsolved problems, and work as part of a highly skilled team to build great things.

We need you to care deeply about performance and availability. You will need a deep understanding of latency, and how to use metrics and data to make informed decisions.

We want Engineers who understand infrastructure at a deep level and can also write high quality, maintainable and well-tested code.

We understand that things can occasionally go wrong and we want to work with people who can calmly deal with the immediate crisis; are happy to get stuck in to help fix the issue at hand and then focus on working out what the root cause of the issue is and work effectively to make sure we fix it properly.

Job overview

We are in the process of expanding our core platform team to build out our award-winning web and investment management platform.

This project will maintain our ability to be a leader in the FinTech sector when it comes to the way we build technology. We want Engineers who are as excited as we are about being in a team that pushes boundaries and continues to be the rule breaker of the FinTech sector.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for looking after the heart of what makes us the company it is. You’ll be heavily involved with all our technical infrastructure, from designing, monitoring and metrics through to building infrastructure and CI/CD tools.

Our team run a cutting-edge AWS-based environment, and want stay at the forefront of technical innovation. We need people who are passionate about technology and understand that testing and quality is the responsibility of the entire tech team and are equipped to take the lead and display their super powers by writing brilliant code and simply get stuff done at a fast pace.

We believe in autonomy and giving people the opportunity to come up with new ideas to help us drive the business forward. We feel that the best engineers (and the ones we want to work with) are self-starters and who can work well as part of a larger team and who can build enthusiasm and empower the team with their ideas, making sure their goals work for everyone (not just focusing on current or short-term goa

The kind of person weare looking for:

  • Proven experience of building and managing continual automation / deployment / delivery environments.
  • Experience running infrastructures on cloud platforms, appreciation for their failure modes, and a good understanding of network concepts and fundamentals.
  • Excellent systems and database experience, with an understanding of the challenges involved in designing and building distributed/microservice environments.
  • Coding skills - especially in Go and Python.
  • Security focused, best practices, implementation
  • AWS, Mesos/Marathon, Docker, Terraform, Prometheus, Linkerd
  • 7+ years’ industry experience
  • A willingness to learn new things and experiment with new technologies.
  • A passion for metrics and data-driven decision making.

If you are interested in this role and would like to hear more please apply and you will be contacted immediately.