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QA Test Engineer



kr 750 per hour




Creates, executes and maintains tests according to test scripts and test plans. Is required to test either front end or back end software components (or both) and apply industry best practice. Reviews system requirements and business processes; codes, tests, and debugs software solutions. Reports issues found back to development and/or project management teams and/or implementation teams. May be required to develop and maintain testing tools to be used by the broader team. May also specialise in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and/or Process Improvement.

Position responsibilities:

  • Conducts a range of quality control tests and analyses, utilising expertise and knowledge or industry trends to ensure that all problems are resolved and that software meets or exceeds specified standards, development specifications or client requirements.
  • Creates test data files with valid and invalid records to thoroughly test program logic and verify system flow. Drafts, revises and approves test plans and scripts for other team members. Acts as a mentor for other team members in revising and giving advice.
  • Uses expertise when collaborating with internal or external team members to plan all applicable test phases to ensure that applicable test phases are successfully completed and documented and there is a plan for problem resolution.
  • Documents and formalises the release engineering procedures, so that the process can continually be reviewed and improved.
  • Maintains control over test systems and source code.
  • Develops, revises and approves quality assurance and testing policies, standards and procedures.
  • Determines the appropriate quality initiatives to implement during each phase of the system development life cycle.
  • When specialising in QA, develops, assures and maintains the quality of products and processes, including standard procedures and methods. Business Process Improvement roles:
  • Analyses and measures the effectiveness of existing business processes and develops sustainable and quantifiable business process improvements.
  • Collects and analyses process data to make recommendations on improved business practices and procedures.
  • Determines how new information technologies can support re engineering business processes.

Core Skills & Requirement:

Functional knowledge: Requires conceptual and practical expertise in own discipline. Understands how related disciplines impact own work/own team. Readily applies functional knowledge to challenges in our industry/markets.

Business expertise: Has good or in-depth knowledge of best practices and how own area integrates with others and chooses to work across these boundaries to further the greater agenda. Is aware of the competition and the factors that differentiate them in the market. Understands the commercial or business decision takes priority over the preferences of the individual.

Leadership: Acts as mentor/coach for less experienced peers. Is looking always to gain efficiencies and implements these within own team/discipline. May step up to lead small projects with manageable risks and resource requirements. Plans and prioritizes work using resources in the best possible way to complete tasks on time and with high quality.

Technical Skills & Requirements:

Analytical Thinking: Synthesizes information from various sources by breaking it down into relevant components and generating new data when needed; considers a broad range of issues when determining relevance of data. Integrates complex information and concepts and organizes analysis efforts into a systematic framework; verifies logic of others and challenges ideas, assumptions and conclusions. Evaluates current situation based on previous experience; identifies advanced implications/ conclusions from the logical analysis of a complex situation or issue; weighs options critically.

Business Acumen: Utilises knowledge of the organisation business model and operations to drive projects and analyses that support the organisations mission. Applies broad understanding of the policies, practices, trends and information that impact the organisation and its customers to anticipate and plan for each step of a complex project. Demonstrates understanding of the financial impact of decisions/solutions to drive projects and analyses that support the organisations mission. Technical Knowledge/Proficiency.

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