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UX Designer

London, City of London - Greater London


£50,000 - £55,000 per annum



Role Summary

As Senior UX Designer you are part of the Product and User Experience team division, providing positive user experiences by determining UX research practices and UX architecture deliverables for clients and their products.

You will help to manage the UX function and be the focal point for UX deliverables in consultation with the Head of Product & UX. You will also work closely with internal business leaders to help them understand their users through research practices, and how that knowledge translates into UX deliverables that improve core product offerings.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • You will be able to identify user requirements by running research projects and analyse core user needs, the customer goals, and product business objectives.
  • You will assess current sites and evaluate their usability, usefulness, visual design, content, and look for improvement.
  • You will study how users consume content, including data, taxonomies, mental models and site labeling by following research practices and create documents based on that discovery.
  • You will create user scenarios, mental models, user flows, customer journey maps, personas, sitemaps, and design work-and dataflows, and responsive design structures turning them into diagrams and wireframes (in Axure RP) or similar UX delivery.
  • You will prepare paper and interactive prototypes (lo-fi and hi-fi) and mockups including page templates and navigational elements for testing.
  • You will validate deliverables by developing and completing user testing plans; both remote and moderated, evaluate traffic patterns via data analysis (analytics) and run other quantitative based feedback tools, heat mapping, user recordings, and user testing.
  • You will talk to users, study qualitative user feedback; coordinating with other product, UX or design specialists.
  • You will collaborate with designers on visual design output and provide input from an architecture, user journey perspective.
  • You will document deliverables before handover to design/development teams for implementation.
  • Make informed decisions backed up by using insight from research, data and analytics.
  • Work with product and UX team members to gather, use and share research, to discover and understand the needs of our clients, users/customers.
  • Work with data analysts to understand where peaks and troughs of user engagement and journeys happen to inform improvements to the product/s and platforms.
  • Have a conceptual understanding of and be conversant in a variety of disciplines; digital and technology, user research, analysis and SEO, user experience and design, editorial content.
  • Develop a strong understanding of other digital products in the market place, common approaches/standards, and opportunities for innovation.
  • Continually assess data, research, and insight to help deliver better product.
  • Manage the direction and approach of user research and are involved in analysis and review of that research.
  • Mentor other UX designers in the team to deliver effective UX output
  • Work with the Head of Product & UX, and Lead Product Managers to innovate the product portfolio.

Job Factors

Technical & Professional Skills

  • An experienced information architect/researcher across multiple channels (website, mobile, tablet, social) with knowledge of different industries and commercial models for digital products
  • Experience of delivering core IA output to an excellent standard.
  • Experience of undertaking and delivering research practices to an excellent standard
  • Experience of working in Axure, and a deep knowledge of its interactions.
  • Experience of responsive design.
  • Experience of working with cross-functional teams as part of the product development process.
  • Experience of full product development lifecycle, with both internal and external development teams.
  • Experience of working with other UX professionals, within user-centred design and user testing environments.
  • Able to use analytics tools as the basis for evidence-based product changes.
  • Understanding of Search Engine Optimisation techniques and how to apply them to information architecture understanding and delivery practices.
  • Understanding of CRO practices, and potential ability to carry out A/B, multivariate tests.

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