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iOS Developer

London, City of London - Greater London


£75,000 per annum



Job in a nutshell:

We are in the process of building out our award winning web and investment management platforms and are looking to expand our team with a Senior Engineer, specializing in native iOS development.

We run a pure AWS-based cloud environment and deliver features using a continuous delivery approach. Our continuous delivery capability means we are actively working on making sure our test infrastructure is as automated and reliable as possible. Our platform is built with a mixture of Java, Ruby and JavaScript.

We believe that the quality of our software and services is something everyone in the tech team is responsible for (not just the QA team). As a Senior Engineer you will be responsible for designing, building, maintaining and improving our customer facing applications, leveraging our own REST APIs. You will be working in a cross-organisation team alongside key stakeholders from Product, Ops and Marketing.

What are we looking for?

We want to work with people who understand that, along with the power to deliver lots of new features to our customers on a daily basis, comes the responsibility to ensure that we have built solid, well-tested, reliable code that is easily monitorable and measurable by our operations team. We work together in combined development, ops, QA and product teams who own feature development from cradle to grave (or at least to production!).

We believe in autonomy and giving people the opportunity to come up with new ideas to help us drive the business forward. We feel that the best engineers (and the ones we want to work with) are self-starters who can work well as part of a larger team and who can build enthusiasm and empower the team with their ideas, making sure their goals work for everyone (not just focusing on current or short term goals).

We understand that things can w to work with people who can calmly deal with the immediate crisis; are happy to get stuck in to help fix the issue at hand and then focus on working out what the root cause of the issue is and work effectively to make sure we fix it properly.

The kind of person we want to work with has:

  • Strong commercial experience on native iOS mobile application development
  • Excellent knowledge of object-oriented programming with Swift (or Objective-C), its IDEs, unit testing libraries and practices
  • Experience with best practices in mobile design (human interface guidelines, threading, bandwidth considerations etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of core iOS libraries and frameworks (e.g. Cocoa Touch)
  • Experience of iOS application deployment (testing, approval and publishing to Apple store)
  • Good understanding of device networking (security, protocols)
  • Good understanding of what it means to work with APIs, and how the moving parts of a mobile application fit together. Good understanding of REST and messaging platforms
  • Experience with Git or other similar distributed SCM systems
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby and Ruby on Rails would be nice-to-have
  • Experience with building out cloud platforms and AWS would be nice-to-have
  • Good communicator who can work well within a delivery team and manage interactions with other parts of the organisation, such as Product and Ops
  • Very enthusiastic about user interface and customer experience centric
  • Passionate about technology and really care about how we can use it to improve our customers’ financial wealth opportunities. We want to make our customers rich!
  • Team player who is willing to stand up and put forward ideas
  • Solid, demonstrable experience in calmly getting to the root of issues and making sure that we focus on solving the essence of the problem rather than merely dealing with the symptoms
  • Curious about new ways of working and open to different approaches and ideas
  • A zealot for blame free post mortems!

If you are interested in this role and would like to hear more please apply and you will be contacted immediately.