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Current Opportunities.

Full Stack Developer (Javascript)

Canary Wharf

Software Development

£45,000 - £55,000 per annum



As the Full Stack Developer you'll join a new team within a large brand, which operates entirely lean, innovation driven, and focus relentlessly on innovating fast to discover new business models.

What you will do as the Full Stack Developer:

  • You will be mentored by existing team members into maintaining and extending existing back end, mostly consisting of REST API’s and AWS Lambda functions.
  • You will also be expected to become involved in the front end, which is currently built in React (this can change in future!). You will also have the opportunity, if you show an aptitude for it, to get involved in native app development.

You will work closely with:

  • A full stack engineer (your mentor)
  • The head of product
  • The head of engineering
  • And a few other back end, full stack, and machine learning engineers.

 As the Full Stack Developer you’ll need to be able to work comfortably on Node.js API, and front end too from time to time.

As the Full Stack Developer you will report to the Head of Engineering, and also work closely with the Head of Product. They are a small and cohesive team, and always optimise for shortest time to market, which often results in tech debt being introduced on purpose, and factored out once a feature has been validated. You have to be comfortable with this style of working.

Skills you’ll need to be a successful Full Stack Developer:

  • You need to be comfortable in Javascript and Node.js
  • They use AWS extensively, and expect all engineers to provision their own resources (using Cloudformation), so some knowledge of AWS will help. They will mentor you in this aspect though.
  • You will very quickly become a fully self-sufficient Full Stack Developer, who can, without any help, design, build, deploy, and maintain complete services. They will help you achieve this level as quickly as possible.

If you're a Full Stack Developer who's skilled in Javascript programming, please apply now!