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Javascript Developer - D3. js (Data Visualisation)

Canary Wharf

Software Development

£50,000 - £60,000 per annum



As the Javascript Developer you'll need experience with; D3.js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You will be working as part of the data team, understanding how people perceive information, so they can create solutions that help share knowledge and democratize data insights, empowering people’s decisions.

Javascript Developer responsibilities:

  • Create dashboards and visualisations to analyse large volumes of diverse data, and derive actionable insights from it for analytics, product and business teams
  • You will need to talk with people and understand their basic needs, trying to fit those initial thoughts into products that have value to the company
  • Work daily in an agile environment in a cross-functional team of data engineers, data scientists and analysts

As the Javascript Developer you'll be encouraged to be creative and think of designs that are beautiful, functional, and apply the best practices within data visualization. You will be able to test and create the whole infrastructure to deploy those ideas, not being attached to a specific environment, focusing on hands-on projects, and getting stuff done. Their goal is to dramatically increase the use of data and analytics within the company, and your work will be at the core of that.

If you're a Javascript Developer who's skilled in D3.js or Data Visualisation and who can commute to Canary Wharf easily then please apply now.