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Senior Full Stack Developer

London, City of London - Greater London

Software Development

£100,000 - £110,000 per annum



As a Senior Full-Stack Developer you will contribute to the development and delivery of an in-house, cutting-edge web/mobile platform.

You will work in small cross-functional teams using a range of tools. They are migrating from Java towards Node.JS.

What experience do you have?

  • You will have an excellent knowledge and commercial experience working at a master level using client side JavaScript, CSS, HTML (5) and JS libraries.
  • You have an excellent knowledge and commercial experience developing for Node.js.

Things you like doing

  • Developing UI
  • Creating APIs and services
  • Tackling algorithmic problems
  • Making pages/UI look perfect
  • Working on builds/deployments/scripts
  • Creating database schemas and writing queries

Technical skills JavaScript

  • Understanding and experience of using JavaScript language, including the following:
  • functions and closures
  • inheritance model and sub-classes
  • scope model
  • type coercions
  • methods of core classes (Function, Array, Object, Date, Math…)
  • regular expressions
  • Promises and generators
  • ES6 language features


  • Knowledge of DOM APIs
  • Nodes and elements
  • DOM tree traversal and events model
  • HTML5 DOM APIs (local storage, history, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge and experience of using some modern JavaScript frameworks.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS.


  • Strong knowledge of node.js is a great advantage
  • Core packages
  • NPM packages used for web development
  • Web frameworks - Express, Koa etc.


  • Linux commands
  • Testing frameworks – mocha, karma, selenium
  • Automation – bash, grunt, gulp
  • Build tools – browserify, babel
  • Code coverage
  • Teamcity

Some knowledge of databases is an advantage

  • ElasticSearch query language
  • Redis commands
  • SQL language – MySQL and Oracle flavours

If you are interested in this role and would like to hear more please apply and you will be contacted immediately.