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Diversity & Inclusion

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With the growing prevalence of technology in our society it is important that the technology being used by us in all walks of life (government, healthcare, education, finance etc.), is created by a cross section of society. If technology is created by a homogenous group then there is a significant risk that it will not take in to accounts the desires and needs of large parts of society and, as a result we risk leaving people behind and further exacerbating a lack of equality in society.

With diversity of thought, we fuel innovation and increase the likelihood that the technology which is increasingly running our lives will work to our benefit and not alienate us!

There are also important business reasons for promoting diversity in the workplace. We live in a world where customers have such high expectations of products and services that meet their specific, and diverse, needs and preferences. Therefore, having a diverse workforce will mean diverse opinions, backgrounds and perspectives, which is integral to understanding your customers needs.

Lastly, without an inclusive environment technology companies will struggle to attract and retain employees from under-represented groups. Unfair treatment in the workplace is the largest driver of turnover in the tech industry. It costs companies up to £4 billion / year.

That is why addressing culture has to be a key step in any company's journey towards a diverse and inclusive organisation.


DigiTech’s commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our workforce has been there from the outset, both internally and whilst assisting our clients’ hiring efforts. We ensure our team are kept fully up-to-date with the laws and business best-practice in this area; knowledge that they bring to clients hiring process. We have engaged with ACAS to host workshops on Diversity and Inclusion to ensure all employees broaden their understanding and knowledge and help identify behaviours. DigiTech embrace equality and diversity and seek to promote the benefits of this in all of our business activities. We will continually strive to develop a business cultur that reflects this belief and aligns with our Diversity & Inclusion Policy. We are proud that 40% of our Senior Leadership Team are female, and that 23% of our placements in 2022 were female applicants in predominantly male-dominated environments.

Some of the methods we utilise to achieve attracting a diverse pool of candidates include:

  • Actively tailoring job advertisements to resonate with local communities and diverse talent pools, ensuring that they do not use language that is proven to discourage or deter under-represented groups from applying for a role.

  • DigiTech Resourcing utilise a variety of sourcing channels, including diversity-focused and equality opportunity job platforms such as Pink Jobs, and social media forums dedicated to under-represented professionals.

  • Provide ongoing training to our recruitment team to enhance their cultural competence and understanding of diversity issues. This ensures they can effectively engage with candidates from different backgrounds and understand requirements for reasonable adjustments and the difficulties faced for those from under-represented groups. The team at DigiTech Resourcing implement an anonymous CV submission process to eliminate unconscious bias during the shortlisting stage. This promotes fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates.

  • We can offer mentor matching for people from under-represented demographics, and showcase stories of successful people from diverse backgrounds within your organisation as part of our recruitment campaign.

  • DigiTech Resourcing's assistance to individuals returning to work, including those after maternity leave or military service, or returning after a period of ill health includes assisting them in writing their CVs and preparing for interviews so they can compete on a fair basis in the recruitment process.

  • We can help companies benchmark their working environment with others, and make suggestions about diversity and inclusivity initiatives that are working for other employers.

  • We work closely with our clients and mentor them on the benefits of having a diverse team, and how to increase their efforts in hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Tracking Diversity

DigiTech Resourcing utilise a diversity tracking system with Diversely, which allows us to track and have visibility of D&I data, and tools to assist in removing bias from the candidate attraction and selection process.Diversely allows us to easily select the diversity characteristics we would like to track, and monitor progress via the integrated dashboard whilst staying compliant with local laws with Diversely's global regulatory monitoring.

The D&I dashboard helps us to understand where diversity may be lacking in order to set benchmarks and goals to improve. The DE&I Score and Report allows us to understand client's current diversity, set targets and achieve specific goals. We can then measure this against the diversity data securely captured. Diversely captures data across 8 elements, going beyond the basics, including: disability, socio-economic, religion and veteran status.

Alongside self-reported diversity data, we can also make use of predictive AI to increase data capture by up to 90% simply and compliantly.We will be able to see our inclusivity score for every job advert, and make adjustments using the suggested copy in order to attract a broader talent pool and underrepresented groups.